The Green Point Education dome is a project culminating after 7 years of planning by The City of Cape Town.

MEWA was selected as the most capable company to build this dome as our speciality was custom made curved engineered timber into all shapes and sizes.

The dome is made from 20 massive curved timber beams coming together at the top in a ring of timber and anchored to the base with steel brackets.

The beams slot into the upper ring with massive dovetail joints, however the timber ring itself is a piece of craftsmanship 400mm high, 1,5 metres in diameter ( a giant donut) and built from 20 angled segments, cross laminated many times for strength.

This dome structure has never been built in South Africa before, this would be the first of its kind, to be built, here in Cape Town, the design capital of the world.

What makes the dome even more interesting is that only around 12 dome structures like this have been built worldwide, however the Green Point Dome is different from all the others in that as it has15 x  3 dimensional circles of different sizes attached to the main beams which form the footing for 3 dimensional quadrangular panels built from marine ply, which will become the actual perfectly rounded dome before the roofing is added.

3 D ply has not been made in South Africa before and again shows that the old fashioned craftsman skills passed down by our skilled forefathers have not been lost in our technological world.

MEWA is manufacturing all of the components in our factory in the heart of Darling and then assembling the dome in the Green Point Stadium park.

Almost ALL of the materials are locally sourced, most especially the timber.

The landscape structures will also be mirroring the dome structure and will be full of curved beams

MEWA’s highly skilled team of craftsmen are, after many months of planning, finally building the dome components and will begin the final assembly within a few months.


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