MEWA was founded in 1926 in Cape Town by Cecil Stanley Marks, a true engineering craftsman, and the pioneer of stainless steel products in South Africa. Years later it is run by his grandson, David Stanley Marks along the same ethos. The engineering heart of the business is now focused on specific, challenging engineered woodwork and steel, with stone work as an offering too.

Mewa is situated in the heart of Darling, in the Western Cape, South Africa, and just an hour out of Cape Town. Large factory floors, beautiful stacked timber and neatly stored tools are the order of the day. An ambitious company who is driven by the engineering challenge to bend, mould, and shape wood and steel. “Nothing is impossible” are words you often hear on the factory floor. They really are a “can do“ company.

Training the art of fine craftsmanship in woodwork and steel is an ongoing process – dragging the past into the future. There are many automated carpentry tools out there today, but MEWA makes sure all their people understand the details and planning involved in constructing an engineered a spiral staircase. It always starts on the drawing board.