Project Description

MEWA designed and built all the new roads on the mountains, opened up the spaces for tented camps and linking the tented areas together with the roads. We designed and built the steel engineered platforms in order for the tents to ‘float above the ground. The engineering was ground breaking as NO foundations were used for the structures. Because it was a nature conservation area, no foundations were allowed MEWA designed the structures so that the base supports were on-top of the ground and could support the tested camps and decks up to 3m in the air. We also cut away a 2000m2 piece of mountain to build a 300m2 restaurant, in the same structure. This was the 1st time this type of engineering has been used in SA. Everything was pre built in the MEWA factory and assembled on site at Boschendal wine estate.


Road construction and site clearing on mountain

Restaurant civil works 2000m2 space cut from mountain

Restaurant construction

Floating engineered platforms for tents

Tent and structure constructions and finishing