MEWA Masks are manufactured in Darling in the Western Cape at their factory. The company has adapted to the global crisis by switching from the manufacturing of engineered woodwork and upholstery, to that of face protection masks. This is a national essential service and our mission is to supply as many South African citizens with masks that are professionally made, cost efficient and effective in attempting reducing the spread of COVID-19.

In the process we are also securing the employment of not only our own staff but that of other local Darling residents; a particularly vulnerable sector of the Western Cape population.


  • Masks molded to fit faces
  • Elastic over the ear loops ensure ease of securing to face
  • Semi – disposable: can be worn approx. 10 times before being disposed (depending on personal choice and level of exposure to compromising situations)


  • Our masks are constructed from 2 layers of polypropylene non-woven fabric
    • An 80gsm outer layer – harder and tear resistant
    • An inner 40gsm thinner layer – softer and more comfortable against the skin
  • Polypropylene is a spun bond lining, a non-woven fabric that is:
    • Tear resistant
    • Stable
    • Air permeable
    • Better bacteria filtration
    • Fire resistant (it melts when too hot)
    • Used for all medical and surgical masks worldwide
  • Level 2 protection mask (which we currently make) is a double layer polypropylene mask with 120mmHg fluid resistance
  • MEWA are proud to be able to donate masks to the local health workers and clinics, SAPS and Local Law Enforcement.

To order please email or call 079 849 8660